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It sucks when he doesn’t care as much as i care about him. =(

It’s been two months since i last logged in on this blog =)))

And I just decided to have a new theme yay! XD But it’s unfinished cos i still have stuffs to do. 1st day of classes today. T_T

It’s been a really nice summer vacation since i passed the SQE, but I haven’t enjoyed that much because it was just a month. And i could hardly go anywhere i like because my mom treats me like a 5 year old bitch. And my boyfriend sucks. Anyway we hung out yesterday, at the toycon, but it was boring… I tried to cuddle and tickle and blah (haha) but he’s like STOP IT I DON’T LIKE IT IT’S NOT FUNNY (but he’s laughing anyway) and and, he aint like to take pictures with me =( I really got bored. I wanted to talk about anything and everything it seems like he doesn’t care. IDK… How oblivious.

Sooooooo 1st day of school. lol 


He was online few minutes after i messaged him and he didnt even replied & left me a message. HE’S ALWAYS DOING THIS TO ME.


I’m laughing my ass off right now.

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Friday the 13th ha

I was absent twice this day. On my calculus class and on the review for the special qualifying exams. I feel so lazy and it’s sooooooooooo fucking hot. Lol summer. And hm, i don’t feel like reviewing with other people..and i hate staying longer at school. And i prefer studying alone ;)

Happy 1st birthday Nyan Cat! May your rainbow farts forever light up the nighttime sky! :3

Nyan Mario :3

Nyan Cat vs Tac Nayn :3

PASIG CATHEDRAL (IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CATHEDRAL) during the reign of the Americans. Coool! *lics memories* Still the features are almost the same as now <3